St. Croix River reaches flood stage… and recent views

At 10 a.m., the river level was 87.01 feet at the Stillwater gage, just above flood stage.

There isn’t much in the news today, but here are some photos from yesterday afternoon.

The Stillwater lift bridge continues to be closed and raised. A Minnesota Department of Transportation boat with an outboard motor was positioned at the end of the bridge, presumably to allow access to the bridge during a flood. It’s hard to see from this distance, but the water was above the bottom of the bridge on the west (Minnesota) end.

With the lift bridge closed, the last segment of the temporary levee was completed across Chestnut Street. The segment across the road is a large water-filled bag, called a “Water Inflated Property Protector.”

Stillwater police were stationed approximately every block along the riverfront:

This large water pump was position at Nelson Street, on the south end of the temporary levee. A similar pump on the other end of downtown near Mulberry Street was running and dumping a lot of water back into the river.

At Stillwater Marina, flood waters now cover much of the main parking lot, reaching the Marine Services, Inc. building:

Several boats stored in the Stillwater Marina lot have been relocated to the former Minnesota Zephyr depot parking lot:

Sandbags were stacked on manhole covers in the area:

A few blocks from the river, there was a welcome sight: since Friday, Chilakoot Hill had opened again.

This steep stretch of Second Street is closed each winter. For me, its reappearance — and the opening of Nelson’s Ice Cream — mark the true beginning of spring in Stillwater.

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