Tuesday evening updates

I’m holding my breath here as the Twins take a lead in the 10th inning.

Not a whole lot of St. Croix flood news today, but the river has begun to rise again.

The Star Tribune reports:

The St. Croix is expected to be running more than 1 1/2 feet higher than it did March 31 when it crests at Stillwater early next week. Adam Josephson, east metro manager for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, said that could close the Stillwater Lift Bridge.

The South Washington County Bulletin notes the potential for flooding at the confluence of the St. Croix and Mississippi, both of which are rising.

Thanks to everyone who has been contributing great stories to the 1965 Flood Slideshow post. I’ll feature some of them here in a day or two — if you were there in ’65 or ’69, we’d love to hear your story.

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