Measuring up

I don’t know when – or if – the high water will disable the Army Corps of Engineers’ electronic Stillwater river gage, but it looks like we’ll have another method of observing the river levels:

Yes, that’s a giant ruler. The third red line from the top is 694 feet above sea level, just below the record 1965 crest of 694.1 feet. (It’s easier to see if you click on the photo for an enlargement.)

Here’s another view, giving you some perspective on how much higher the water would need to rise to beat the record… and enable me to win the “guess the crest” contest.

That would be a little more than eight feet higher than the level when I took these photos.

Other views from the weekend:

A KSTP-TV satellite truck and minivan behind the Water Street Inn

South Lowell Park:

The Lowell Park gazebo:

The north riverfront parking lot, with concrete jersey barriers in place and ready to form the base of a temporary levee. While the city waits for the river to either flood or recede for the season, some of downtown’s largest parking lots are empty, used for neither cars nor a levee:

The orange fence in the foreground is the closest the public can get to the waterfront.

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  1. Ed Summersby says:

    Matt – Your website/blog is great, just what I have been hoping to find for up-to-date news and pictures of the St. Croix on a daily basis. Thank you for posting such really helpful information. I own a summer house directly on the river in Scandia (immediately south of the Log House Landing), and except for August and September I live most of the year in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In the 2001 flood the water level peaked about 10″ below our main floor level, so I have been very concerned about the earlier predictions that this year could exceed 2001. Watching from afar is frustrating, but now having discovered your blog, I feel much better informed, Thank you, and keep it up! Ed Summersby

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