The origins of names: St. Croix River and the Boomsite

As we wait for the river to fall and likely rise again, the Washington County Historical Society has a couple of interesting items.

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  1. Just landed on your site Matt. Nicholas Perrot was my 8th great grandfather, and I should dig out my family genealogy book that a relative of mine put together about a decade ago. I’m not sure if he found an answer to that question or not, but I do know he did quite a bit of research. Perrot’s daughter married into the Beauchane family who were their neighbors in Ontario (or was i Quebec?). My grandfather was a Beauchane.

    Out of curiosity, I do not see any contact information or forms on this page. How does one get hold of you?

  2. Matt Thueson says:

    Stephen, that’s some great family history.

    I launched this blog before I had the email addresses working, so I haven’t yet added contact information. You can reach me at

  3. Matt Hudachek says:

    Do you know if anyone is a history buff about the boomsite? My scout troop is looking to visit a historical site, and were looking for someone who might give a “tour”, or let us know more information. We are a Stillwater based troop.


    • Matt Thueson says:

      The Washington County Historical Society has a St. Croix lumbering curriculum guide for teachers on their website, with a section on the boomsite. You can download it from this page:

      You might also try calling them at 651-439-5956.

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