Flood chart tutorial and Lowell Park photos

Do those 90-day charts mystify you? The weather service posted a helpful video explaining how to interpret them.

For the St. Croix, the charts show that based on the conditions last Wednesday, there is about a 50% chance of major flooding between now and the end of June.

For now, though, Stillwater is waiting, according to the Star Tribune:

In Stillwater, most of Lowell Park along the downtown riverfront was swamped Monday, and the Stillwater lift bridge could be closed this week. The city had planned to stockpile 100,000 sandbags, but stopped at 60,000, and hasn’t built a temporary dike along the riverfront because the crest predicted for late Wednesday is below flood stage.

Yesterday,  Lowell Park was about half covered by water and ice:

One of the “modified levees” at the south end of Lowell Park adjacent to the Dock Cafe:

Though the surface of the river remains mostly frozen, it’s risen dramatically. The clearance over the road here isn’t exactly 9’6″:

The Lowell Park gazebo is surrounded by frozen flood waters:

Sandbags, ready to go:

A view from the Freight House:

The same place five days earlier (on Tuesday):

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3 Responses to Flood chart tutorial and Lowell Park photos

  1. Robert Zimmer says:

    The Stillwater area certainly has had it share of flooding. I think it may have been 1965 when it was so severe that the entire downtown area suffered. When you think of the fact that many merchants store in basements you can really appreciate what losses can take place. Some great picture Bob.

  2. Jeff Gramenz says:

    The big flood was in April of 1965, there are pictures of the dike etc. on the Minnesota Historical Society website. http://www.mnhs.org

  3. Matt Thueson says:

    Robert and Jeff, thanks for the comments and links. This afternoon, I’ll post a slideshow of photos from the 1965 flood.

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