What is this blog?

In the coming days and weeks, major flooding is predicted for the St. Croix River. Here, I’ll compile the most recent information I can find – charts, photos, and news stories - to let you know what’s happening.

My Background on the River

I grew up in the St. Croix Valley, enjoying childhood summer weekends on our family’s houseboat north of Stillwater. The family later sold the boat, and I was away from the river for several years but couldn’t get it out of my mind. Finally, about six years ago I started boating again and found that the river was just as remarkable as I remembered it.

While the 2011 floods will be my focus for now, I plan to continue blogging about the river after the waters recede.

Finally, because I’m based in Stillwater, I’ll need your help to stay current on what’s happening on the Upper St. Croix.

About The Name

Historically, the St. Croix Boom Site, located north of Stillwater, was where logs from many lumber companies were sorted before being sent south to the mills. After the end of the lumber industry in 1914, it became a popular recreational destination and remains one today. Located at a bend in the river, the Boomsite has great views of Stillwater as well as the river to the north. It seemed to be as good of a name as any for this new blog.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Lynette Nerud says:

    Please can you help and tell us how they came up with the name ‘The Boomsite’? I have $100 riding on this…. Thanx, Lynette

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