Guess The Crest

Greg Seitz at the very popular St. Croix River Facebook Page is asking people to predict the St. Croix’s crest as measured at the Stillwater gauge:

The river is rising — the only question is how high it will go…

Think you have your finger on the pulse of the St. Croix? Post your best guess for the maximum crest! Enter this informal crest contest and win a cool piece of St. Croix River heritage.

The prize is a 1977 issue of National Geographic featuring the St. Croix and other rivers included in the Wild & Scenic rivers act.

My entry? 94.3 feet, a few inches above the record 1965 flood. The odds of that happening? Less than 18 percent, according to the forecasts. A new forecast is due tomorrow, so we’ll see how this week’s sloppy weather changes things.

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